Approaches to Painting: Location Location

Situating yourself as a painter is no easy task. Where do you pull your ideas and inspiration from? How do you locate what your conversation is and who it is with? Where do you make work? What scale should it be? Where do you start and how do you finish it? How do you manage your space? What type of space do you occupy? Are those spaces physical, conceptual or spiritual?

In this class we will use the activity of painting to explore the creative process while gaining a deeper and more varied understanding of painting, it’s practices and methodologies. Focusing on the theme of location we will trace histories within painting, how the act of painting is applied both in and outside of the studio, develop an individual process and develop strategies to understand your own voice. This course will be complimented by material demonstrations, guest lectures and field trips.

There will be two long term projects and two collaborative projects, with workshops and material demos interspersed throughout the semester. All projects will begin with experiments, smaller scale studies/preparatory sketches that will culminate in a larger more developed work. Consideration of the appropriateness of scale, presentation and materials along with the development of the subject matter and the content of the individual’s work will be a focus.

In addition to the studio based assignments, there will be research and writing requirements.


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